Asturias, the mayor of Cebu accuses the candidate of having designed a viral video on the dog pound

THE Asturian and Cebu pound problem that went viral on social media after a video showing hungry dogs eating dead dogs was posted has turned into a political salvo.

This after the investigation committee of the agricultural office of the municipality of Asturias, in northwest Cebu, discovered that the pound problem had been orchestrated by an independent candidate who will run for vice-mayor in the May 2022 elections.

Mayor Jose Antonio Pintor told SunStar Cebu that the ongoing investigation revealed this: instead of reporting directly to the municipality for appropriate action, attorney Elpidio “Elpi” Noel, the candidate vice-mayor, left someone take a video which was then posted to Facebook on November 1st, it went viral.

The problem went viral on the internet after a concerned citizen posted a video of dogs eating dead dogs inside the facility, which angered many internet users who thought dogs were not being properly supported.

Pintor described the move as politically motivated since Noel has filed several lawsuits against his administration.

According to Pintor, the operation of the town’s pound is currently on hold while the investigation is ongoing.

The dogs that survived the poor condition were turned over to people who were willing to adopt them.

Voice critic

In a separate interview, Noel disputed the mayor’s claim, saying it had nothing to do with the video’s posting on social media. Concerned citizens made the display without any instructions from him, he added.

Noel, however, admitted that those concerned about the dogs had contacted him, only to ask for help with possible answers they could give to media questions. He advised them to tell the truth.

Noel said the mayor was the one politicizing the issue as he would run against the mayor’s running mate in the next election.

“It is disconcerting to know that their management failure is being blamed on other people,” Noel said in a mixture of Cebuano and English.

On his Facebook account, Noel talks about the various problems in the city, in particular the old abandoned market of Barangay Poblacion which is used as a slaughterhouse and where there is no proper disposal of animal waste.

“We are sensitive to unsanitary conditions, especially with regard to the meat we eat every day,” Noel wrote in Cebuano on his Facebook page on Sunday, November 21.

Regardless of the outcome of the investigation, Noel said he was prepared to face any charges that may be brought against him by Mayor Pintor’s administration.

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