Real estate loans for civil servants

The specific status of public service employees gives them various advantages, particularly in the area of ​​mortgage lending. Some banks offer public servants the possibility of taking out a mortgage in addition to a principal loan. What you need to know about this particular credit.

The real estate loan officer in a few words

The real estate loan officer in a few words

While employees of private companies with at least ten employees can benefit from the loan 1% employer, allowing them to take advantage of a particularly attractive rate to realize a real estate project, the officials are, in turn, not concerned by this device . It is therefore to help them achieve a purchase of housing, in the new or old, a new construction, extension work or work to transform a room into a living, that the loan to officials has been put in place .
It should however be noted that this loan can not be granted to employees of public companies of an industrial and commercial nature, like EDF-GDF, SNCF, RATP, etc.

This specific loan is granted in addition to a social housing loan (SIP) or a loan agreement (PC). To benefit, the borrower must apply simultaneously with the application for SAP or PC or, failing that, within a maximum period of eight months from the purchase of real estate or construction of the property.

The real estate loan for civil servants is a loan granted in addition to an SAP or a PC, it is granted for a period of 10 to 15 years and generates a grace period of three years, during which the borrower only reimburses the interest on the loan.

The conditions to respect:

The property concerned by the real estate project must be the main dwelling of the applicant
The distance between the property concerned and the applicant’s place of work may not exceed 50 kilometers
The employee must not occupy a staff accommodation
Housing must be occupied within one year of purchase or completion

How much for the real estate loan official?

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The real estate credit reserved for civil servants is regulated. As such, its amount depends on several parameters, among which the applicant’s family situation, the nature of the real estate project, as well as the number of rooms in the dwelling and the geographical area on which it is located.

Thus, a three-room property located in zone A will give rise to a loan of € 2,287. In zone B, this amount will be increased to € 2,012 and € 1,753 in zone C. For a four-room unit, the loan will be € 2,698, € 2,393 and € 2,089, respectively.

Also, it should be borne in mind that this specific loan to the public service employees is only a supplementary loan, and must be supplemented by a main loan to realize a real estate project.