Consolidated loans for houses outside the bank – See your options


Many people just lack the last thing to get their dream home in order. If you are one of them, you may have tried to apply for a consolidated loan from your bank.

Many experience refusing their bank when applying for a consolidated loan for either renovation or purchase of new home. Fortunately, there are other options when you lack money for the house. We look more closely at them here.

Rejected by the bank? Here you can borrow

There are a large number of consolidated loan providers online who are ready to help you if your bank has rejected your application. Often, the interest rate is higher when you borrow from other providers than in your bank, but conversely, you typically do not have to provide collateral and meet the same stringent requirements. You get free frames and the opportunity to fulfill your home dreams.

There is, however, one factor that is one NO-GO among all lenders and that is RKI – if you at any time have been registered in RKI, online providers will also not be able to help you.

We are now looking at two of the best and cheapest players you should know, whether you need a new home consolidated loan, consumption or something else. – consolidated loans for housing, cottage and colony garden

One of your options is The name goes without saying, it is a website that lends money outside the bank to all those who have got a no – their belief is that many Danes are able to repay the money in time, even though the bank has said no.

At you can both borrow for housing, cottage and in your free value. The application process is easy and straightforward, just as is known in the online market.’s approach is to match your application with professional lenders, where they stand as the professional intermediary. It is therefore completely safe and smart.

Consolidated loans for consumption and new car

They offer you two different Private consolidated loan solutions. One of 10,000 – 100,000 and the other of 50,000 – 350,000 kroner. The amount limits are thus different and enable them to alleviate most monetary needs.

The treatment goes fast and your application takes place online. So even though it may resemble a regular bank, you still have the benefits of searching the web. They always make a credit rating, among other things, to determine your interest rate and whether you can be approved. Everyone with a Danish social security number can apply and it is thus a good opportunity to borrow money for consumption or new car if your bank has said no.

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